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FIFA 18 Demo release date on PS4 and Xbox One revealed
2017-08-17 11:27:00
Here's a little fun. While the FIFA 18 Beta continues some fans are already happy to be in some players' faces, just invite the game demo. It is obvious that EA Sports will not be able to apply the final updates to their products until the game is officially released, and there are some opportunities for those players to change their faces. So, with a little bit of salt, every image, but these...
FIFA 18: EA Sports release latest features in video package
2017-08-14 11:26:00
If the latest video clip released by EA Sports is anything, FIFA 18 will make some major changes to its dynamics. The main change we're talking about seems to be in the atmosphere of the game. FIFA series of the overall stadium experience is often criticized by the fans, because the fans are too boring, not attractive. On the other hand, PES has made its way into the good books of gamers by havin...
About The FIFA 18 Beta Invites
2017-08-10 11:01:00
About The FIFA 18 Beta InvitesWith the FIFA 18 release date getting closer,  the FIFA 18 beta invitation is sent to eligible people who may have pre-ordered a version of the game. The beta version is also a very large beta, in total about 34 gigabytes. The central role of the story mode Alex Hunter can be customized ,you can choose to leave England's premiere league, and in Europe or other p...