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The Journey Season 2 in FIFA 18 is bigger and better
2017-05-26 14:16:00
The Journey Season 2 in FIFA 18 will have new characters and an updated storyline. What is this story? FIFA 18 will once again usher in a new round of "journey" this year.EA's decision to introduce a "journey" into FIFA's 17th year is a big challenge for the 2016 top selling car game. FIFA 17 is also becoming the best-selling FIFA game in electronic art. The success of FIFA 17 has much to do wit...
Everything we Know and Want About FIFA 18
2017-05-19 09:16:00
FIFA 18 is coming soon. EA has not said much yet,but it will arrive at the same time of each year.Now you may not feel too excited,but jump to the release date and you will get the highest score in FIFA 18.In this article,we will continue to summarize all the latest information about FIFA 18,including FIFA 18 reservation information,FIFA 18 release date,and news about what EA is doing and FIFA 18 ...
When we think you’ll be able to pre-order FIFA 18
2017-05-15 13:35:00
FIFA 18 has only a few months left,So it's only a matter of time before the reservation starts. Here is how we think that FIFA 18 pre order activities will play a role. What time does the order start? On June 6th, FIFA's 17 pre-sale period begins, So we expect a similar date this year. Althouth it has not yet been confirmed,EA may show the game in the end of the month,with the reservation will...