About EA Scores - FIFA 18 September 28 2017

In the early stages of the decade, EA Sports' FIFA games were often criticized for overemphasizing speed and dribbling, and the games were rarely played like football. It is understood that FIFA is interesting and has most of the licenses, but PES is closer to the real thing.

EA sports seems to have put these criticisms in mind, because in the past few years, its game has slowed down the relaxation of things, to focus on the accumulation of patient attacks and smart process, rather than the original pace. More realistic is that this leads to some problems, especially for computer-controlled opponents, who seem more interested in playing, rather than advancing forward.

FIFA 18 will be launched on Friday, September 29th, as a response to these issues, and return to the past more passionate, full of goals fifa.

No one knows that AI's crazy focus is to have, but is replaced by more radical and open opposition. Opposition, but not more representative of professional football to see the tactical diversity of the situation is not so serious. Jose Mourinho's image is in the game; his coaching philosophy is not.

Even in the absence of adventure, AI will be in the field up, and the defender will often be misleading and can take advantage of the point of view. The team do not hit the road, or even lead.

In order to play faster with the scene, the game now provides quick replacement during parking, rather than requiring the player to make changes through the menu. You are limited to the default alternatives that were decided before teeing, but it was a good feature for impatient players.

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