FIFA 18 - All The New Features Coming To Career Mode September 04 2017


The negotiation process has been thoroughly reformed, creating immersive, real-time transfer and contract negotiations. The new transfer center in the main menu will allow you to track all transfer targets and listed players and use interactive transfer negotiation systems.


Once a deal is done with clubs and players, they will be transferred to your team. In FIFA 18 Career Mode , all transactions clubs and players as well as the important information of the football world will use a new technology, the technology will be generated in the career mode catalog news clips in the main menu.


There are more than 15 new skill games in FIFA 18, and there will be more diversity when you come to class training and player development. Create a preset exercise and assign it to certain players or specific groups so that you can model the development strategies of the young players to enhance the player's attributes or manage the player's injury returns.


For the first time, you can easily make changes in the game without pausing to match the new context-based support. Use the pre-set replacement for management before using the game in team management, or use the context replacement within the game's prompt. Respond to a goal or lose an opportunity and a quick sub to return to the front foot without having to leave the race.


The new team style was born in FIFA 18 Career Mode , and you will instantly recognize some of the world's most famous strategies. You will see the club's playing style to create truly, and feel the change of the defense and attack methods, when you choose a new team or a new competitor to take in the whole career. And listen to the reference team's style of adaptive comments.


There is an immersive atmosphere in FIFA 18, and you will see real regional differences, governed by the alliance you choose. Regional specific atmosphere, stadium fixtures, stadium banners, hd dynamic crowds, etc., to distinguish the world from games.

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