FIFA 17 'The Journey' star Alex Hunter will return to FIFA 18 to continue his career (with your help, of course).  Watch the teaser trailer above from EA Play (Hunter Returns )which features clips of various fans, sports figures, and broadcasters giving their (often very loud) opinions of Hunter, followed by a few movie clips of Hunter's professional and personal lives.

FIFA 18 confirmed The Journey: Hunter Returns, the continuation of last year's story mode, was on the way to the game this year. EA Play's presentation on E3 depicts that Alex Hunter is a very needed superstar to join the new club.

FIFA 18 fans will be able to make more choices, customise Alex Hunter and more,while The Journey returns for a second season. FIFA 18 will be characterized by Alex Hunter's return, as "Journey" model in The PS4 and Xbox One back on The second season.

FIFA 18 The Journey 2 was revealed during the live broadcast of EA Play before E3 2017.EA wanted to emphasize that players will be able to make more choices in favor of the protagonist Alex Hunter during the second season of the story mode. According to the announcement trailer,the first major decision will probably revolve around whether or not Alex Hunter join a new club.

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