Five Ways To Get Early Access To FIFA 18 August 07 2017

With the arrival of FIFA 18, you can put aside the race last year in anticipation of the case. Fortunately,before the September 29th release date, there are many opportunities to seize the upcoming EA games.

Although it has not been announced so far, we have arranged 5 ways to allow you to enter FIFA 18 as soon as possible. If you're lucky, you’ll be pulling packs and scoring screamers in no time...


Although not yet announced, but the FIFA 18 closed beta should be released in August, if the past few years is possible. Each selected participant usually gets a specific pattern, with Online Seasons, Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs all featuring in previous betas.

If EA sticks to the traditional model, then it can not provide access on the basis of registration. On the contrary, those who have already logged in FIFA 17 will be eligible to be included and send the e-mail to the selected players (North America & UK only). Make sure you choose this page to receive EA communication, but keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be selected.


FIFA's 18 demo hasn't been revealed yet, but according to the annual trend, you can expect to see it around mid September. EA’s August Gamescom conference may give some indication about the exact date.

In general, FIFA demos incorporate standard Kick Off matches featuring a selection of high-profile teams. The Cover star Cristiano Ronaldo will inevitably make an appearance, and we may even dive into the climax of the new story of alex hunt's "journey: Hunter Returns. Find the Frostbite power demonstration on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


As usual, FIFA 18 will provide Play First demo this year. Subscribers can pay £3.99 for a month’s access to the EA Access (Xbox One) or Origin (PC) package , which will provide a 10-hour full version of the game. The trial will be held on September 21st - the game officially released eight days before arrival.

The "journey" is the only model that may be restricted in the trial, limited to a short sample last year. Everything should be unlocked, but let you get an important head in the competition.


Pre-ordering either the Icon or Ronaldo versions of FIFA 18 provides three days’ worth of early access to the full game. The digital icon version is the cost of both, providing 40 sets of Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (over 20 weeks) for FUT 18.

You'll see a $80-90 hand, and the retail price of the Ronaldo edition comes from 70-80 pounds, and each version includes the Cristiano Ronaldo loan card and 8 Special Edition FUT suites. Unfortunately, the Icon and Ronaldo versions of bonuses do not apply to PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

5. FUT 18 Web App & Companion Apps

FUT enthusiasts will inevitably see the FUT 18 network and companion applications to begin pre-releasing their teams. A condensed offering of Ultimate Team’s key features, the Web & Companion Apps are usually made available a few days before the EA/Origin Access trial period begins.

Once they live, the starting and loyalty packages should be accessible, although you will need to wait until the full game version to access the pre-order bonus.  First of all, the best reason to sign in to these applications is to get daily gifts, and packages and coins are usually rewarded within a few weeks.

EA Sports FIFA 18 will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch on September 29, 2017.

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