Paul Pogba is the New Cover Star of FIFA 18 May 12 2017

EA's FIFA 18 will be released later this year,for PlayStation 4,Xbox One, PC and other platforms.And the developers have yet to discuss the title,but will be in the Jun EA PLAY. However now we can make sure that Paul Boba is the new star of FIFA.

He will replace Marco Reus on the cover this year. In the past few years,we have seen EA,along with other options,which has been dominated by Messi over the years.Paul Pogba is a French professional football player that plays for Manchester United Football Club and the French national team. As a central midfielder ,he can handle the defensive and offensive positions .

The EA PLAY event will be held at 12 p.m. on June 10th, Pacific Coast time or 3 pm Eastern time.EA will show off the upcoming games at the show.

EA PLAY date puts EA three days before the start date of E3 2017,giving enough time to lead the other groups. However,to be exact,depends on when other larger publishers and studios will be hosting their own meetings.FIFA fans will know ,for different regions,there are different stars.So when we don't know the stars of the region-specific box art in the area,once we hear more about them,we will definitely let you publish.

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson ,FIFA 18 will again to the new characters and story features.The story mode was first made public in FIFA 17, and was well receive by the community and the critics.EA will continue to improe each new version of the game story mode.

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