FIFA 19 TOTS Moments Alcacer SBC June 06 2019

Here are the requirements and tips to complete TOTS Moments Alcacer SBC in FIFA 19,Please read carefully now.


Dortmund Players: Min. 1
Team of the Week Players: Min. 2
Team Overall Rating: Min. 83
Team Chemistry: Min. 80


You could take the easy option and go for a full Bundesliga squad, including a Dortmund player, and then slip the TOTW players in after, but that might be expensive with many Bundesliga players being out of packs at the moment.

Alternatively, you could build a squad using La Liga, trying to get as many Spanish strong links as you can, and then slip the three additional players in elsewhere. With this option, you might need to get some links, either by nation or league, between the TOTW players and the bulk of the squad.

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