FUT Champs rewards in FIFA 19 October 31 2018

Do you know FUT Champs rewards,Now,Let's learn together,Please read carefully now.

1.What are FUT Champs rewards?

FUT Champions was first introduced in FIFA 17 as a new competitive game mode within Ultimate Team.One of the biggest attractions of the game mode is the prize that players can get through good performance.

It encourages players to compete in different leagues to get higher rankings and bigger rewards.Prizes are offered weekly and give players and special player picks based on performance in the game.

2.When are the FUT Champs rewards?

The award is scheduled to begin around 6pm on Thursday. Players can be rewarded at the end of each week based on their ranking in the division.Players will be able to choose the type of reward they want, the higher their level, the more choices they will get.

The choices can vary between coins, tradeable packs, untradeable packs and FUT Champions points.Division 1 Rank 1 gives the option of 80k coins, 1 ultimate and 1 mega pack or 2 ultimate and 2 mega packs (can’t be traded).

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