Guides about defend in FIFA 19 November 16 2018

Today,We will share some useful guides for you to defend in FIFA 19,You can read it now.

Jockeying is the key to successful defending in most situations when the attacker is running at you. Hold down L2/LT and your player will turn and face the attacker. Get close to them with the left stick and perform a standing tackle – most times, you’ll win the ball back.

The risk of implementing a shovel is always great, because if you don't catch the ball, you will almost certainly face a red card. The key to sliding the tackle is to make sure you get the ball - always slip the head or when you are very close to the player. A slide that sways from a distance attac

Be sure to enter the game plan before each game and customize it to your liking. It provides better control over attacks and defenses than the basic versatile settings in previous iterations. By editing your defense and super defensive game plans based on your strengths, you will be more likely to protect your lead.

Holding down R1/RB calls over the nearest player to help you defend. It goes without saying that having two players pressuring the attacker is a lot better than one. The second defender will cut off more passing angles, leaving you to perform a tackle.

If you want to compete with people who like to play with the ball, try to intercept them instead of attacking the player directly. Observe the running of the offensive players and let them compete with the players who own the players. If you can touch it, it will destroy their attack power.

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