Guides to help you become a world-class FIFA 19 player October 24 2018

Here are some tips and guides to better master FIFA 19 ,Please read carefully mow.

1.Don't dive in

By lunging in, a defender gives up their position, opening a short window for an attacker to make a move past them. So, when a winger uses skill moves to try to get you to dive in, don't take the bait. Instead, stand your ground and always keep your opponent in front of you by using jockey (Hold LT/L2) or contain (Hold A/X). If you need more help, call in a second defender, using RB or R1.

2.Know when to pull out your goalkeeper

It is difficult to control the goalkeeper, so it is best to leave the task to the AI. However, you should manually pull the player out of the goal in the right circumstances. By pressing Y or Triangle, you can tell your goalkeeper to rush out of the target to the attacker. This is a tricky task and should be used moderately. However, at the right time, your goalkeeper will sweep the ball out of the opponent's foot at the opponent's foot. Too early, a skilled opponent will happily carry the ball to the goalkeeper's head. In general, if a opposing player makes a critical hit in the penalty area and there are no defensive players to save you, try pulling the goalkeeper out.

3.Know your players

The more you know about players, the better your decision will be. If you know that Messi has no right foot, turn the ball to the left before shooting from outside the penalty area. If a player's stamina is not good, be prepared to separate them before 75 minutes.

Knowing the player's work rate, the best and worst attributes and their height are just as important. These qualities will affect the player's performance on the court. So the next time you are Ousmane Dembélé, rush over the defense and use any of the player's balls to bury the ball, but don't try to win the header or the body regardless of the ball.

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