Learn some FIFA 19 Penalty Saving details December 07 2018

Here are soem simple methods to help you save each penalty in FIFA 19,Just read it now.

The first key trick to saving penalties in FIFA 19 is looking at the head movement of the penalty taker. Whichever way the penalty taker is aiming, you will notice that their head will move slightly towards that direction. This requires you to keep a close eye on the opponent's head as soon as the penalty is given.

However, good penalty takers may realise that the goalkeeper is looking for this and change direction at the very last second. Doing this can increase risk though, as it generally decreases the accuracy of the penalty. You must also pay very close attention to this, as you will need to react very quickly when this happens.

When saving FIFA 19 penalty kicks, you not only need to choose which side to dive, but also consider three different heights. These heights are called low, medium and high. The opponent's strong stick is the key to determining this because it indicates the height of the penalty that will be taken. This will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

In addition to knowing which way to dive through the player's head movement, if the power bar is below a pole, this means you need to dive at a low altitude. If the power pole is above one pole but below two poles, you will need to dive at a medium altitude. Finally, if the power is higher than the two poles, dive in a high place.

This can be practiced on the driving range. If both of these techniques are carefully followed, this will allow you to win almost every FIFA 19 penalty shootout and give you a big advantage in your friends and competitive online games. You may even be able to improve your FUT Champion Weekend League rankings!

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