New FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings Details November 30 2018

The new FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings will be updated on every Tuesday after Weekend League and competitive events within the Global Series, providing fans with an interactive platform to monitor the progress of the top FUT Champions verified FIFA 19 players around the world.

The FIFA 19 Global Series rankings will provide fans with a dedicated platform to follow the top players on the FIFA Electronic World Cup and establish a regular global competition ranking to further emphasize eFootball's exciting growth and specialization. Fans are now able to track the performance of their favorite players, and competitors themselves can monitor their rankings during the season. We look forward to finding the best 32 competitors at the end of the season and welcome them to the FIFA World Cup in 2019," said Luis Vicente, FIFA's Chief Digital Transformation and Innovation Officer.

The FIFA 19 Global Series offers a range of qualifying events online and in live events. These include tournaments hosted by leading companies such as PlayStation, Pro Game Players (PGL) and Gfinity, as well as the expected 15 official league partners, the FUT Champions Cup, the FIFA eClub World Cup and the new FIFA eNations Cup to the summit for eFootball : FIFA Electronic World Cup. is your good choice for you buy FIFA 19 Coins

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