Requirements to Complete Future Stars Challenge SBC in FIFA 19 January 25 2019

Now, Focus on, Here provide some guides for you to Complete Future Stars Challenge SBC in FIFA 19,Please read carefully.

The below are some Requirements:

Leagues: Min. 3
Nationalities: Min. 3
Rare Players: Min. 2
Squad Rating: Exactly 75
Team Chemistry: Exactly 100
No. of players in the Squad: 11

What makes this Future Stars Challenge SBC so tough is the combination of the max chemistry requirement and the fact that you need the squad rating to be exactly 75.

The below are some guides:

To hit that rating, you might need to play around with the players you use, maybe using higher rated golds and balancing them out with bronzes.

The best way to actually fill the squad out, though, would be to choose one league, and possibly a nation. Spaniards from La Liga might be good because there are so many of them.

Then you can use them to fill most of the players. Then you will be able to capture another Spanish player, but from another league. Then you can use another Spanish in the RB's other league to connect to the CB.

You can then get RM from the same club as RB, but from a different country. Since the team is the easiest in the 4-5-1 formation, which is the chemical link in the game, they all get 10 chemical components.

You also need to capture La Liga players from different countries among the Spaniards. Goalkeepers may be a good choice to do this. Doing so will allow you to see the needs of the three leagues and countries. Make sure you have two rare players and you will submit them all.

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